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How to Heal a Stroke

How to Heal a Stroke
17 November 2023

How to Heal a Stroke

A stroke occurs when the blood flow to our brain decreases or is interrupted for any reason. Brain death occurs when the blood vessels that feed the brain tissue become deprived of oxygen due to loss of nutrients. With the death of brain cells, the person experiences loss of movement, weakness and numbness in the functions of the body parts.

Early physical therapy and rehabilitation in the acute phase of stroke is extremely important for the person to return to his/her old life. Various studies show that physical therapy is the most effective method for the recovery of movements, muscle strength and patient balance in the first 6 months to 1 year after the stroke. After the checks and various examinations performed by Physical Therapy doctors, a patient-specific treatment program is created. This program is included in the program under the main headings of exercise, electrotherapy, walking with robotic rehabilitation, use of orthoses suitable for patient positioning, and speech therapy if the patient has weakness in speaking or swallowing.

Our aim in the physical therapy exercise program is to prevent the patient's muscle shortness and muscle weakness and to prevent contractures that may occur in the joints. We aim to initiate movement in the muscles and strengthen the muscles by stimulating the muscles with electrotherapy. With robotic rehabilitation, we aim to increase the feeling of walking in our patient with simulation. Especially the right side is paralyzed. Speech disorders and swallowing problems may be observed in patients after a stroke. In this regard, we complete our patient's deficiencies in both speech and swallowing with the help of various exercises with the speech and language therapist. In patients with a stroke, we generally mobilize the patient in the early period with intensive physical therapy, to help the patient before the stroke. We aim for him to return to his daily life and activities of daily living independently.

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